• Grigory Gurevich
    Chairman of the Board of Directors and President
    Group founder;
    A former employee of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia, TNK (first Vice-President on geology and oil production) and Komineft (CEO);
    A specialist with 37 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.
  • Oksana Borodina
    Vice President for Economics and Finance
    Before joining the Group, worked as a business analyst and financial controller at Schlumberger and C.A.T. Oil;
    Graduated from the Urals State University of Economics and the Urals State Law Academy.
    Graduated from the Faculty of Management and International Economic Relations of the Urals State University of Economics and Law Faculty of the Urals State Law Academy.
  • Igor Fisenko
    Vice President for Business Support
    Before joining the Group, was a head of the bank security department;
    Held a number of senior positions in the Group, including the head of Human Resources and Security Department;
    Has Executive MBA degree of the Oil and Gas Institute.